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Similar to mechanic's liens and materialmen's liens, filing construction bond claims allows key stakeholders to seek payment for services rendered or materials and equipment provided to a specific public project. However, filing a bond claim requires careful attention to deadlines and other requirements. Procedural missteps could result in unnecessary delays or nonpayment.

The Law Office of Timothy H. Nichols, PLLC, represents general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and other interested parties in filing construction bond claims. Nashville attorney Timothy Nichols has more than a decade of experience in commercial and construction law. He helps clients file claims in an accurate and timely fashion so as to obtain full and fair compensation for their contributions to public works projects.

Understanding Construction Bond Claims

The government often requires that all construction projects involving public works, infrastructure and facilities furnish bonds at the outset to guarantee the project's overall performance and to provide payment for any unpaid construction debts once work has been completed. Individual entities may file bond claims when:

  • Construction delays hinder the overall performance of the project
  • Contractors and/or material suppliers are not paid due to delays or negligent oversight by the general contractor or project developer

Attorney Nichols assists various stakeholders in recovering payment from construction bonds on public projects involving public works and utilities, public roads, highways and railways, school construction, government buildings and other facilities for government entities. Mr. Nichols always seeks the most effective and economically practical resolution given his clients' unique circumstances, including enforcing bond claims through construction litigation, if necessary.

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