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The right language helps to prevent contract disputes

There is no one size fits all approach to construction, whether it’s a home, a retail center or an office building. Similarly, construction contracts need to vary depending on the conditions and environment. What works for one project may not fit the next, even when there are similarities in materials, purpose and location.

Common new construction defects to watch out for

Given the cost of building or remodeling a structure, it is a reasonable expectation that the finished product will be made of quality materials and assembled correctly. But sadly, that is not always the case. Construction defects are one of the main causes of disputes and litigation in the construction industry. Defects can range from mild aesthetics to severe problems that threaten structural integrity.

How to avoid buying a “lemon” house

When you buy a car, there are “lemon laws” that protect customers from fraudulent sales. When you buy a house, Tennessee’s real estate laws also help you understand what you’re signing up to own. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you make in life.

Construction & contracts: A lawyer can protect your interests

A contract is, in its most basic sense, a written agreement that outlines the expectations of each party. When it comes to construction projects, these agreements can cover issues that range from relatively simple timeline expectations to more complex liability concerns.

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