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Understanding construction law basics

Construction law resources are available to assist and protect parties involved in a construction project. It is important for anyone engaged in construction project for the construction of a new building or otherwise to be familiar with the construction law legal resources available to help them with a contract dispute, construction dispute or construction defect.

Legal guidance through construction disputes

Construction disputes can come up at different times during a construction project. As a result, it is important for parties to the construction project to know how to handle them. Legal resources and remedies are available to help those in the middle of a construction or contract dispute resolve their concerns.

Legal help with construction liens

Construction liens can be a challenge that must be faced during a construction project. A construction project involves many parties and many moving parts which can also lead to a variety of disputes the parties should be prepared to deal with and fully understand.

Help with a construction contract dispute

Negotiating a contract and knowing what to do and how to respond if one has been breached is important to any construction or real estate project. Contract terms that are negotiated and included in a properly executed construction or real estate contract govern the relationship between the parties, making them a very big deal.

What to include when writing a contract

This blog recently discussed contract negotiation tips to ensure the interests of the parties are protected as part of a successful business transaction. In addition to contract negotiation tips, it is also helpful to understand the components of a contract and what should be included during the process and in the contract so that parties can protect their interests.

Construction contract negotiation tips

Contracts are a common aspect of business transactions and are common in the context of construction. Because of the important role they play in a construction process, it is important to be familiar with the contract negotiation process and what to expect from each phase of the process.

Materialmens' liens and how to protect against them

Anyone engaged in a construction project should be familiar with what a materialmens' lien is. A materialmens' lien, sometimes referred to as a supplier's lien or mechanic's lien, is an important protection for subcontractors and materials suppliers on a construction project. It provides for a lien to be placed on the property if the subcontractor or materials' supplier is not paid by the general contractor.

What are the damages available for construction defects?

Construction defects can lead to serious problems which is why it is important to understand legal resources, protections and the remedies that are available to help people deal with a construction defect. Different types of damages may be available through construction litigation to help homeowners and others with construction defects and homeowners may wonder what they are.

The importance of construction contracts

When any construction or real estate project is concerned, contracts are an important part of the process. A construction contract provides important protections for the parties to the contract and for both contractors and homeowners or the owners of the project or building if the project is a commercial construction project.

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