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What are some common title problems?

Title problems can hold up and negatively impact a residential real estate deal which is why it is important to know what to watch for and anticipate and what the common problems with a title are. You may wonder what those common problems with a title are and what can be done to fix them.

What is a short sale?

The are different ways that homeowners may buy a home so it is helpful for them to be familiar with what their options are. One option is a short sale but potential homeowners may have many questions about what a short sale is and if it is a good option for them.

Zoning basics for any real estate project

Familiarity with local zoning laws is important for any real estate project including residential real estate and commercial real estate projects. Zoning laws regulate the use of development of real estate which can have a significant impact on residential real estate or a commercial real estate project.

What are required disclosures in real estate?

Required disclosures are in important part of the real estate process which is why both buyers and sellers should be familiar with this aspect of buying or selling a home. On one hand, sellers need to be familiar what they are required to disclose and buyers should be familiar with what the seller is required to disclose.

What problems can arise with a title?

When going through the home buying or closing process, potential home buyers likely have many questions they need answered. Questions that may arise relate to potential title issues. Knowing about potential title issues and what to anticipate can help potential home buyers navigate the process.

What is the importance of zoning laws?

Zoning laws are important to be familiar with and to understand because they can have a dramatic impact on the use of property. You may have many questions about zoning laws and how they work. Zoning laws cover everything ranging from specific requirements as to the types of buildings allowed on a piece of property to size and height limits for the buildings; the number of rooms for the buildings on the piece of property; restrictions on additional buildings and building setbacks from streets and other boundaries; and the location of utility lines.

Residential real estate title issue resolution

Real estate title issues can creep up at the most unexpected times. It is a home buyer's responsibility to take necessary steps in insuring that a home has a clean title. In the excitement of a new home purchase, these steps can be overlooked and end up causing major problems.

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