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Ready To Tackle Any Legal Matter

Finding an attorney with industry experience is important for any construction, business law or real estate issue. Attorney Timothy H. Nichols has handled hundreds of cases across these areas for over a decade. He has experience negotiating outside of court as well as litigating in both state and federal courts.

A few examples of cases he has resolved include:

For more about his background, please see his bio below:

Timothy H. Nichols

Our Keys To Your Success

The Law Office of Timothy H. Nichols, PLLC, strives to offer the highest quality of service to our clients. We achieve this by focusing on three core elements of legal success:

1: Open communication

Responsiveness is very important to us. If you email us or if you call and we are unable to answer, we will reply as soon as we are available, often within a business day. We also set very clear expectations when you begin a case with us.

2: Extensive experience

The ability to serve our clients’ needs effectively is of the utmost importance to us. Timothy Nichols is highly knowledgeable in his respective legal areas and, as a member of the Tennessee Association of Construction Counsel, he stays up-to-date on changes in the law. He is also very familiar with the Nashville area so he offers a local understanding of the construction, real estate and business developments in the area.

3: Personalized strategies

No two projects or situations will be alike. We see this every day. That is why our focus is to understand your goals and find a unique course of action that helps you reach them. Our firm’s lawyer, Timothy Nichols, uses his legal knowledge to inform clients while also empowering them to make decisions about their case.

Ask Us About Your Case Today

We offer free initial consultations. To meet with us about your case, please contact us online or call 615-970-6636 or 877-774-9554.

We are located in Nashville and serve clients throughout central Tennessee. We offer off-site appointments.