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Nashville Lawyer For Material Suppliers’ Rights

Providing Experienced Equipment And Material Supplier Representation In Middle Tennessee

While material suppliers enjoy many of the same legal protections as contractors and others involved in a construction project, they must adhere to specific requirements and deadlines when it comes to enforcing a lien or bond claim, bidding for work or resolving general contract disputes.

At the Law Office of Timothy H. Nichols, PLLC, we have more than a decade of experience protecting material suppliers’ rights. Nashville attorney Timothy Nichols provides responsive, efficient construction law representation in negotiation or litigation to get results tailored to his clients’ unique situations.

Recovering Payment As A Construction Equipment Or Materials Supplier

The most common form of representation we provide for material suppliers is in lien enforcement and construction bond claims to recover payment for the materials or equipment provided to a specific project. Material suppliers must adhere to specific deadlines and requirements regarding notices of nonpayment and lien claims.

Attorney Timothy Nichols helps material suppliers understand and navigate the statutory requirements of registering a lien or bond claim correctly. In providing prompt, practical services, he seeks to help clients avoid losing their rights to payment.

He also provides detail-oriented representation for material suppliers involved in general contract disputes with other project participants as well as bidding processes during initial construction phases.

Contact Our Firm For Comprehensive, Experienced Construction Representation

For more information about our work with material suppliers, contact us by calling 615-970-6636 or 877-774-9554 toll free for a free initial consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments as requested, though our lawyer can visit you off site if necessary.