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Serving Businesses Throughout The Nashville Area

No one actively seeks to become involved in the litigation process, but in cases where the risks are too high, an experienced commercial lawyer can help protect your interests. At the Law Office of Timothy H. Nichols, PLLC, we represent a wide variety of professional clients involved in business and commercial litigation. Our clients include construction entities, health care organizations, retail businesses, companies in the music industry and many other corporations in Nashville and the surrounding region.

Efficiently Meeting All Your Business Needs

Having handled hundreds of cases in state and federal courts, attorney Timothy Nichols provides assertive representation in all types of business disputes. His experience includes:

We also provide services such as drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure that they fully protect your interests. We are your counsel when you are taking an important business step or when you encounter legal issues.

Our firm is dedicated to finding the most practical solutions for clients. Business goals vary by individual. Therefore, the strategies we employ are individualized as well. Your success is our number one concern.

We Are Skilled In Negotiation

Not all cases require litigation to resolve. Where appropriate, we help clients pursue creative solutions through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. These more amicable avenues often save clients time and expenses that are normally associated with business disputes.

Bring Your Business Concerns To Us

We appreciate the disruption that business disputes can cause so we provide diligent services focused on efficient outcomes. To schedule a free consultation, please contact us online or call 615-970-6636 or 877-774-9554. We promptly return calls and emails, and provide off-site appointments when needed.

We are located in Nashville and serve clients throughout central Tennessee. We offer off-site appointments.