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Seeking Fair Payment Through Lien Claims

Construction projects require the participation and cooperation of multiple entities. However, issues of nonpayment by project owners to general contractors or general contractors to subcontractors and material suppliers may necessitate filing a lien on the property.

Filing and enforcing a lien claim is complex and requires careful attention to deadlines. Moreover, several municipal and state laws will govern whether the lien can be registered or enforced. You need an experienced construction lawyer on your side who understands the laws surrounding lien claims and can help you to meet deadlines and resolve your dispute efficiently.

We Understand The Laws Of The Area

The Law Office of Timothy H. Nichols, PLLC, represents a wide variety of clients involved in lien enforcement disputes. Attorney Timothy Nichols provides thorough knowledge and years of practical experience to construction clients seeking fair payment.

Our firm has been established in the area for over a decade. We understand Tennessee’s laws and procedures for construction disputes. While most cases can be resolved amicably through assertive negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, we are fully prepared to enforce lien claims through litigation, if necessary. We take time to understand our clients’ particular needs and goals in order to develop the most effective legal remedy for a given situation.

Ask Us About Your Case

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