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The Importance Of Construction Contracts

Construction projects require contracts to determine the distribution of compensation and other important details of the work being done. These contracts are legally binding so they must be drafted carefully. Otherwise, the very contracts meant to prevent legal issues could end up causing them.

We Draft Contracts That Protect You

One of the biggest mistakes anyone makes before a project is failure to consult a construction lawyer when drafting a contract. A skilled attorney can protect you by helping you choose the right type of contract and drafting it in such a way that it prevents future disputes.

Construction law is complex. It is very common to misunderstand or overlook important elements of a contract. However, at the Law Office of Timothy H. Nichols, PLLC, we have been helping Tennessee clients just like you for over a decade. We understand the local laws and procedures. We will guide you to a secure arrangement that protects your interests.

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