What are the damages available for construction defects?

Construction defects can lead to serious problems which is why it is important to understand legal resources, protections and the remedies that are available to help people deal with a construction defect. Different types of damages may be available through construction litigation to help homeowners and others with construction defects and homeowners may wonder what they are.

Damages that may be available always depend on the specific circumstances of the situation and can vary accordingly, however, damages are generally intended to compensate the party bringing the claim for the financial damages they have suffered. Typically, damages for the cost of repairs and the decline in the value of the home or property may be available through a construction defects claim for damages.

Additional damages that may be available include the loss of the use of the property while it is being repaired; the cost of any temporary housing; court costs; and attorney’s fees if the contract calls for that or if state law provides for compensation of the fees. Depending on the circumstances, other types of damages may be available. Insurance companies are commonly involved in the process of making a construction defects claim and compensating those impacted so it is helpful to understand the process. There are also important timelines that apply to construction defects claims and deadlines that cannot be missed so it is also necessary to be familiar with what those are.

Construction defects damages are important to compensate those that have suffered the negative impacts of a construction defect and its impact on the value of the home or property. Those who have suffered the challenges associated with a construction defect should be familiar with the legal protections available to help them seek damages.

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