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February 2018 Archives

Common new construction defects to watch out for

Given the cost of building or remodeling a structure, it is a reasonable expectation that the finished product will be made of quality materials and assembled correctly. But sadly, that is not always the case. Construction defects are one of the main causes of disputes and litigation in the construction industry. Defects can range from mild aesthetics to severe problems that threaten structural integrity.

How can you obtain a materialmen's lien in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, in order to obtain a materialmen's lien, often referred to as a mechanic's lien, specific actions must have taken, or are currently taking place. First, the party making the claim must have performed an action that contributed to the improvement of the property. This means that he or she must have done something that created a permanent change. The obvious ideas of this would be demolition, or construction of new rooms or buildings. However, it can also include changes to landscaping.

Residential real estate title issue resolution

Real estate title issues can creep up at the most unexpected times. It is a home buyer's responsibility to take necessary steps in insuring that a home has a clean title. In the excitement of a new home purchase, these steps can be overlooked and end up causing major problems.

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