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The right language helps to prevent contract disputes

There is no one size fits all approach to construction, whether it’s a home, a retail center or an office building. Similarly, construction contracts need to vary depending on the conditions and environment. What works for one project may not fit the next, even when there are similarities in materials, purpose and location.

Options for resolving a construction dispute

Construction disputes can pop up for a number of reasons and it is always important for the parties to know how to respond and what to expect when they do. To help avoid future construction disputes, the parties can address potential concerns early on. It is important for the parties to thoroughly negotiate and understand their contract and make sure extensive planning is done beforehand; ensure pre-construction work is conducted; ensure schedules are realistic; and document changes or challenges associated with the construction project. In addition, there are other additional measures the parties can take as well to try to avoid problems down the road.

What is the importance of zoning laws?

Zoning laws are important to be familiar with and to understand because they can have a dramatic impact on the use of property. You may have many questions about zoning laws and how they work. Zoning laws cover everything ranging from specific requirements as to the types of buildings allowed on a piece of property to size and height limits for the buildings; the number of rooms for the buildings on the piece of property; restrictions on additional buildings and building setbacks from streets and other boundaries; and the location of utility lines.

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