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March 2018 Archives

Options when construction work performed goes unpaid

When a materials supplier has performed all of their work, or provided materials and equipment for a job, it is important for them to be paid for that work. When they go unpaid, there are important legal resources available to them to enforce their payment rights for the job. Because there are many parties involved in the completion of a construction project, it is essential for materials suppliers and subcontractors to be familiar with their payment rights in nonpayment situations.

What different types of constructions defects are there?

Construction defects can be a serious financial concern and may cause other problems as well, which is why it is helpful to understand what the term refers to and what the available remedies for construction defects are. Construction defects refer to deficiencies related to: design; planning; supervision; inspection; construction; or management of construction of a building. When the structure is not constructed in a reasonably workmanlike manner, or fails to perform in a manner reasonably expected by the buyer, a claim for construction defects may exist.

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