Hiring an attorney to help draft your tenant agreement

As a landlord, you want to protect your rentable property. This involves keeping tenants happy, but you need to ensure that residents currently living in your home prove respectful and honest.

Drafting a rental agreement for your tenants by yourself may signify a disaster. You may find yourself confused with the process, forgetting certain terms, and you may even end up paying for damages your tenants caused. To protect yourself from a disagreeable tenant, you want to draft a leasing agreement with the help of an experienced attorney.

Common mistakes when drafting a tenant agreement

You rely on income from your tenants. Yet when landlords prove inexperienced in the realm of leasing residential property, they may not have knowledge of the exact terms required in their agreement with tenants. Though online help forums may guide you in the correct direction in drafting a solid agreement, important elements may be missing.

Many landlords draft agreements based on normal considerations. Common information included describes:

  • Tenants’ names
  • When rent is due
  • Exact rent amount
  • The length of stay
  • Deposit amounts
  • Whether pets are allowed

Attorneys: Helping you cover all agreement elements

Yet issues arise when situations go awry. Injuries, repairs and contract violations may constitute a review of your tenant agreement, but if your agreement does not explicitly say how you would handle certain circumstances, you may have serious trouble evicting tenants or obtaining compensation.

Some questions an attorney may be able to present and draft for you include:

  • Who pays medical expenses if a tenant is injured in your home?
  • What penalties arise when rent is late?
  • What is the maximum occupancy of your property?
  • What if noise complaints or other domestic disturbances occur?
  • What is the penalty if your tenants want to move out early?
  • Who pays for repairs if damage occurs while tenants lived in your home?
  • Who pays for maintenance to household appliances?

Relying on your own knowledge and drafting a residential property agreement without the help and expertise of an attorney may save money now, but in the long run, you may flounder. Ensure your property is protected if you choose to rent it out. Attorneys have the ability to look at all aspects of leasing agreements, your individual situation and the terms that most benefit you as a landlord.

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