Legal help with construction liens

Construction liens can be a challenge that must be faced during a construction project. A construction project involves many parties and many moving parts which can also lead to a variety of disputes the parties should be prepared to deal with and fully understand.

Unfortunately, during the course of a construction project, nonpayment of services can become an issue. When there are issues of nonpayment between project owners and general contractors; general contractors and their subcontractors; and general contractors and material suppliers, it may necessitate filing a lien on the property or a materialmens’ lien. A lien can be a concern for the parties and property owners so it is useful to understand in what circumstances one may be needed and how to avoid and address one.

There are a variety of complexities and timelines associated with filing a lien which are important to be aware of if the relief of a property lien is needed. Important laws also govern the registration and enforcement of a lien which are also necessary to be familiar with. Trained guidance through the dispute process and to keep track of the deadlines associated with filing and enforcing a lien can be helpful.

There are different legal resources available to address construction disputes and claims associated with construction disputes. It is always helpful for parties to a construction project to be familiar with the legal resources available to help them with their project from contracting to completion of the project. Parties to a construction project all want a successful project so it is helpful to be familiar with the legal protections that can help them achieve that.

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