Legal help with construction defects

A construction defect is a condition that lowers the value of the home or property and may also cause practical problems for the homeowner and property owner. Unfortunately, some construction defects may not be immediately noticeable which is why it is important for homeowners and property owners to be aware of the legal protections available to them when they are facing the challenges associated with construction defects.

Construction defects can arise because of a variety of reasons including poor workmanship, inferior construction materials or improper design. Construction defects can be caused by improper soil analysis and preparation; poor site selection and planning; problems with civil and structural engineering; negligent construction; or inferior construction materials.

Types of construction defects homeowners and property owners may face can include water intrusion issues; mold; landscaping and soil problems; faulty drainage; dry rot; problems with the foundation, flooring, walls or roofing; problems with the electrical system; problems with heating; and structural failures. Construction litigation options can help homeowners and property owners impacted by construction defects recover damages including those for the loss of value of their property caused by the construction defects and costs of repairs to remedy them.

A legal claim for construction defects can be brought against a variety of different parties that may be responsible for the construction defects associated with the project. Because there are a variety of complexities and important timelines associated with construction defects litigation, it is important for homeowners and property owners to be familiar with the legal protections available to them.

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