What are the different types of construction disputes?

Construction projects involve many different contract obligations and legal obligations it is important for the parties to a construction contract to be familiar with. They should ensure they are familiar with the various aspects of construction litigation and what to do if there’s a construction dispute.

The parties commonly involved in construction transactions include owners, contractors, sub-contractors and other parties as well depending on the type and nature of the project. Concerns that come up during the course of a construction project that can lead to disputes include disputes over the scope of the work, plan or specifications; the scope of the worker agreed upon between the contractor and sub-contractor; subcontractor changes; and construction defects. Construction defect claims may be based on an alleged breach of contract or negligence.

A construction dispute can be costly and time consuming which is why it is helpful to understand how construction litigation legal resources can help parties to a construction project address their construction dispute be it through negotiation or litigation. Construction litigation legal resources can help parties to a construction dispute pursue the remedies they need to help with the damages they have suffered as a result of a construction dispute that comes up.

Remedies and damages that may be available depend on the specific situation and circumstances of the particular construction dispute. Construction disputes can slow a project down and cause frustration for the parties which is why important legal resources are available to help protect the interests of the parties.

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