Understanding construction law basics

Construction law resources are available to assist and protect parties involved in a construction project. It is important for anyone engaged in construction project for the construction of a new building or otherwise to be familiar with the construction law legal resources available to help them with a contract dispute, construction dispute or construction defect.

Additional areas of construction law apply to construction workers and workplace protections and regulate other aspects of the construction industry or construction projects. There is a list of terms that are relevant to construction law that it is helpful to be familiar with. Contractors play a significant role in a construction project, of course, but can also play a role in a construction dispute which can include contract disputes and construction defects. Contractors are typically required to be licensed.

Contractors utilize the services of many subcontractors as part of a construction project. Subcontractors are usually engaged to complete different parts of an overall construction project. A materialman’s lien is another term that may come up during a construction project or dispute which may be placed on a construction project building or construction site to ensure a contractor pays for the labor, services or materials usually performed or supplied by a subcontractor. It is important to be familiar with what a materialman’s lien is and how it works because one can have a significant impact on the building and project.

Construction law can help resolve construction disputes and can help the parties recover damages or seek performance of a contract or construction project. As a result, it is useful to be familiar with the legal resources available to help when a construction project goes wrong.

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