Where homeowners with construction defects can turn

Construction defects can threaten the value, livability and safety of a family home or other type of property. Fortunately, the legal process can help homeowners resolve construction defects problems and concerns and ensure their interests in their home and investment are protected. Construction defects can undermine all of this and threaten the safety of the homeowner and the value of the home.

Construction defects can including faulty electronics and wiring in the home; the use of toxic substances or substandard drywall; improper installation of windows and doors; the failure to prevent erosion, including faulty retaining walls; errors in the construction of the foundation; and water leaks occurring internally or externally to the property. Overall, construction defects can relate to the work done on the property, materials used in the project or the planning that goes into it.

Whatever the circumstance, if the property owner or homeowner is left with construction defects, legal resources may be able to help them recover compensation for damages and may be able to help them address the concerns they have related to the construction defects in the home or other property. Property owners and homeowners may be able to recover compensation to help them make necessary repairs to correct the construction defect or remediate the loss in value.

The legal process provides resources that allows and assists a property owner or homeowner when pursuing compensation for construction defects. It is important that property owners and homeowners can rely on the safety and quality of their home which is why legal protections exist to help with construction defects.

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