Covering the safety basics for construction sites

Construction sites are not exactly known for being the safest places in Tennessee. That is why anyone who sets foot on a site needs to have proper protection and safety equipment.

EHS Daily Advisor describes construction safety basics. Employees feel safe and at ease when they know there is less chance of suffering an unnecessary injury.


Proper footwear is essential for traction, protecting the feet from objects like nails and ensuring workers remain comfortable throughout the workday. Rather than just any workboot, workers should wear boots designed specifically for construction sites.

Protective eyewear

Because the eyes are so vulnerable and there are so many hazards on construction sites that can harm them, proper protective eyewear is a must. All protective eyewear needs to have a design that keeps sweat from dripping into the wearer’s eyes and resists fogging up. Depending on the wearer, prescription lenses could become necessary.

As pointed out by Princeton University Environmental Health and Safety, some workers may need full-face protection. For instance, employees need full-face shields for protection against hazardous chemicals and harmful UV rays.


Splinters, cuts, punctures, scrapes, poor grip and more can harm a construction worker’s hands, putting her or him out of commission. Proper work gloves protect workers’ hands against not only common construction site hazards, but also protect their hands against the rigors of inclement weather.

It may become necessary to tailor protective gear according to work conditions. For instance, rather than basic safety goggles, workers may need protective eyewear designed specifically for radiation, biological materials or machining.

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