What construction defects cause mold?

When Tennessee residents think of construction defects, what comes to mind? Do you think of shaky foundations? What about poor electric wiring? Plumbing is also a big issue. Today, we will take a look at very specific damage related to defects: mold. 

There are three things that mold needs to grow within your home. These are: 

  • An ongoing source of food 
  • The proper temperature 
  • Abundant moisture 

Mold spores get into homes every day. They can come in through open doors or windows. People or pets can even carry them in, not realizing they have the spores. In most cases, mold does not find anywhere to take root. But if your home is the right temperature and has excessive moisture, mold can flourish. 

The source of moisture is usually related to potential construction defects. For example, let’s say your house has not had its windows or doors sealed right. If there is a sudden rain, water can get in through the cracks. It may not be enough to notice with the naked eye, but it is enough to moisten the area. This makes it appealing to mold. Cracks or leaks in the roof and walls are another potential source. This is less common than entry point issues. Finally, plumbing that was not installed well can create moisture in the walls. 

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