What is a mechanic’s lien?

Plenty of Tennessee residents contract with construction workers. Sometimes it is for personal projects such as building homes. Sometimes it is a result of building a business or other commercial enterprises. When dealing with contractors and construction, there is a lot of legalese to get through. Today we will look at mechanic’s liens and what they mean. 

A mechanic’s lien is a lien against a property. It is a legal claim for material improvements or construction labor. Subcontractors and suppliers are often the ones who use mechanic’s liens. As an example of how these liens work, let us say a supplier is providing you with a hot tub for a backyard renovation.  Let us then say that the general contractor did not pay this supplier for the hot tub. The supplier could then take out a mechanic’s lien on your property for the money. You are responsible for paying them, even if you already paid the general contractor. 

Some feel like mechanic’s liens are unfair. It feels unfair to pay for a contractor’s mistakes. These liens are legal based on the logic that it is more important for people to pay suppliers. It is important to work fast if facing a mechanic’s lien. The assumption is that property owners can sue the general contractor. But this is a long process. If you do not pay the mechanic’s lien in days or months, they may sell your home to pay your debts. This puts many people in a bind. 

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