Back rent and eviction

Our law firm knows that when tenants fail to pay rent, landlords often face various challenges. Aside from stress, uncertainty and financial hardships, landlords often find themselves in a difficult position when they have to evict tenants. In recent months, many tenants have fallen behind on rent due to job loss and other factors. For some landlords, eviction is necessary but it is imperative to approach this process carefully and with a firm understanding of one’s rights and obligations.

Sometimes, landlords are able to work out agreements with tenants to avoid eviction. However, some tenants refuse to cooperate and eviction is necessary.

Unpaid rent

There are many reasons why tenants fall behind on rent. Some have financial difficulties due to career setbacks, such as unemployment or a decrease in the number of hours they work. Others miss rent because of irresponsibility, health crises or some other issue. Many landlords are very understanding and try to allow tenants to get caught up. However, this does not always work and landlords simply need to remove tenants from the rental.

Reviewing the laws

First of all, landlords need to realize that laws regarding eviction are complicated and vary from state to state. It is imperative to understand your unique circumstances and the obligations that you have as a landlord if you do decide to evict a tenant. Failure to approach the eviction process correctly is often detrimental in terms of one’s finances, time and future, especially if a landlord is unable to secure a favorable outcome. Our website discusses other legal challenges that landlords face.

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