4 important questions to ask your home inspector

If you are relocating to the Nashville area, you are about to encounter a hot housing market. Fortunately, there are plenty of new and older houses you can turn into your dream home. To be sure you are making a wise investment, though, you should schedule a home inspection before closing.

When hiring a home inspector, you must do some homework. After all, not every inspector has the same knowledge or provides high-level service. To get the most out of your inspection, you probably want to ask your inspector some questions. Here are four relevant ones.

1. Is a specialist necessary?

You can depend on any licensed home inspector to conduct a reasonable inspection of your residential dwelling. Still, some houses may have features or problems that fall outside the inspector’s expertise. If your inspector cannot give you a full report, you may need a referral to a specialist.

2. How much do repairs cost?

Home inspectors are good at pointing out problems with homes. For the inspection to be valuable, though, you must know how much repairs cost. If your inspector cannot answer this question, he or she may refer you to a contractor who can.

3. What hazards do you see?

You want your home to be a safe and welcoming place. While your inspector should alert you to possible problems, you should specifically ask about health and safety hazards. Even if you decide to buy the home, the inspector’s input may help you minimize risk until you can perform repairs or make other accommodations.

4. Would you buy the property?

A competent home inspector can give you a breakdown of potential problems and repairs. He or she may also shed some light on expansion plans. Still, there may be some intangible aspects of the property that are difficult to quantify or put into a report. Asking the inspector if he or she would purchase the home may help you flush out these.

Whether you decide to buy or pass on the property, a comprehensive home inspection is an invaluable tool. By supplementing the inspection with some relevant questions, you can be sure you are making an informed purchase.

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