Common construction defects that can ruin the project

It can be an exciting time when people in Tennessee start a construction project. This could be building a brand new home or starting a remodeling of their existing home. It can also be a little nerve-racking as sometimes the project can take a long time and the contractor may run into various complications which add cost to the project. However, at the end of the project people expect it to be done correctly so they can enjoy what they put so much time and money into.

There are many different aspects to a building project involving many different subcontractors completing different aspects of the project. There are people who frame everything and complete the exterior, while inside there are plumbers, HVAC workers, electricians, painters and others. So, between all the different aspects of the project, sometimes mistakes are made that lead to construction defects.

Where construction defects commonly occur

There are many different defects that can occur in these projects, but some are more common than others. Common defects include, but are not limited to:

  • Framing issues which can include incorrectly attached trusses or ones bearing on non-bearing walls;
  • Insulation defects which are becoming more common as energy efficiency codes continue to get stricter;
  • Improperly installed windows can result in broken glass, air allowed to come in as well as allowing moisture in the house as well;
  • Improper installation of weatherization material on exterior walls;
  • Roof installation defects which can including improper lapping or drip edge issues.

There are other construction defects that can arise in building projects in Tennessee. These defects can require costly repairs as well, some of which are more expensive than it would have been to have it done correctly the first time. People who find themselves dealing with construction defects may be entitled to compensation for the expenses they incur to fix defects. Experienced attorneys understand these common construction defects and may be able to guide one through the process.


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