Common construction disputes can delay projects

Those involved in the Tennessee construction field understand that there are always delays in construction projects. No matter how well a project may be moving along, a construction dispute can arise at any time. There are several common construction disputes in Tennessee.

  • Sometimes delays are unavoidable, such as weather problems. Other times delays occur because of delivery problems or mismanagement of change orders. Construction contract should include contract provisions that lay out how to face and resolve delays.
  • There are many defects that may occur in any stage of the project. These include faulty installation, defective design, or substandard building products. Sometimes the resulting damage may not be apparent until after the project is complete.
  • Financing and liens. Financing of construction projects is critical to their success. One party may withhold payment because of a dispute or someone may have money problems due to nonpayment of another project. Failure to properly secure mechanics liens can lead to payment issues for contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors.
  • Real estate issues. The property the project is located on can run into zoning or boundary disputes, restrictive covenants or lease terms. There can be governmental regulations that hold up a project as well.

An attorney who specializes in construction law has the experience necessary to deal with construction disputes. They understand their client wants these disputes settled as soon as possible and will help their client get results. If a project is stalled, not completed, or duties were not met, an attorney can step in on their client’s behalf and get the dispute resolved.


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