What are the different categories of construction defects?

Construction defects can cause a problem for any construction project, property owner or homeowner. For anyone involved in construction litigation related to construction defects, it is helpful to be familiar with the different categories of construction defects and the legal resources to help those dealing with them.

Categories of construction defects

The different types of construction defects can be categorized as:

  • Design deficiencies: design defects can include design failures of the structure, building or system. A flawed roof design can result in water penetration that damages the building as an example. Architects and engineers may be liable for design deficiencies.
  • Material deficiencies: materials deficiencies can include defective or damages building materials used in construction of the structure. Inferior products or products that are damaged, such as a bent window frame that leads to water intrusion, can result in construction defects.
  • Construction deficiencies: construction projects should be performed in a workmanlike manner. Poor workmanship can result in a variety of construction defects ranging from the plumbing to the roof. All can be serious and costly.

Legal recourse for construction defects

Construction litigation is one option that may be able to help building, property and homeowners struggling with what to do about construction defects. Other options may be available as well to help them resolve their concerns and for the construction defects to be remedied or repaired. Legal remedies may be able to help with the cost of repairs or with the damages and costs the defects have caused. Those impacted by construction defects should be familiar with all of the remedies the legal process has to offer to help them.


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