Common breaches of construction contract in Tennessee

When a construction company agrees to perform work for the benefit of another party in exchange for payment, the agreement between the parties is referred to as a construction contract. By signing the contract, both parties are confirming that they agree to the terms of the contract and that they will uphold their obligations under the contract.

However, when a party fails to perform in accordance with the terms of the contract, this may be referred to as a breach of contract. Common breaches of construction contracts include:

  • Performance delay: Failure to start work on time, failure to complete work by the deadline specified in contract. If end date is not specified, unreasonably delay in completion may be considered breach of contract.
  • Payment delay: Failure to pay workers for completed work by deadline specified in contract.
  • Failure to pay: Failure to pay in full for services provided.
  • Unworkmanlike performance: Work not completed according to specifications set forth in contract.
  • Improper materials: Work completed using inferior quality materials than those promised in agreement.

Legal options

If your construction agreement has been breached, it may be in your best interest to contact a construction contract attorney as soon as possible. Generally, a party can seek legal remedies if the breach was material, or significant enough to excuse the injured party from further performance, to recover damages.

An attorney in the Nashville area can help resolve the dispute and minimize damages for all parties involved. If an out-of-court resolution is not possible, your attorney can help you file a claim against the breaching party to recover compensation for the damages you have sustained.

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