Who is responsible for construction defects?

Managing a construction project in Nashville is a big responsibility. As a property owner, it is up to you to ensure that all parts of the project are completed successfully. So, if due care is not followed and a contractor, subcontractor or supplier is the cause of a construction defect, you will want to know your rights.

What is a construction defect?

Construction defects are deeper than mere poor workmanship. A construction defect entails a design defect, workmanship defect or defects in materials used in the project. A construction defect must cause some sort of damage to the property owner, mostly financial harm.

Some construction defects are known or are immediately apparent. These are known as patent defects. Other construction defects are concealed or are not immediately apparent. These are known as latent defects. Nuisance claims or normal wear and tear do not rise to the level of a construction defect.

Who is responsible for construction defects?

Contractors have a duty to follow the design of the project. Contractors are also responsible for ensuring their work is free of defects. However, contractors are not responsible for errors in the design of the project. Designers and subcontractors can be held liable for construction defects.

Property owners in Nashville have the right to pursue legal action against construction defects. This may come in the form of a breach of contract lawsuit. It is important that you understand your rights, so you can act upon a construction defect before it sabotages the viability of your project.


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