Zoning disputes common for Tennessee business owners

Tennessee residents may purchase commercial property with the idea of starting or expanding their business. However, property owners are not free to build freely on their new properties. State and local zoning laws limit the use of the property and put restrictions on activities of property owners.

What causes zoning disputes?

Zoning disputes involving commercial real estate can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of these disputes may relate to:

  • Land use: Many disputes occur when a property owner fails to comply with zoning ordinances by using the property in way that does not conform with the law. For example, business owners who operate a business in an area zoned solely for residential use may upset those living in the residential area.
  • Parking and signage: The size and location of business signs and parking lots could interfere with the use and enjoyment of the property.
  • Setback: Setback requirements specify the minimum distance between the building and the property line. Violating these requirements may block sunlight or cause overcrowding.
  • Pollution: Some businesses may use chemicals, materials, and equipment that may lead to noise or air pollution.
  • Views: Neighboring property owners may complain that a commercial building is too high and obstructing their view.

Commercial zoning disputes can be exceptionally frustrating due to the hindering of development of important projects to business owners. Disputes can often cause delays, proving to be extremely costly, both in time and finances.


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