Handling poorly done repairs before closing on a home

Buying a home is a significant investment, so you expect it to be in good condition when you close the deal. Sometimes, sellers might agree to make repairs before closing, but these repairs end up being poorly done. 

If you find yourself in this frustrating situation, it is important to know what you can do to resolve the issue.

Conduct a final walkthrough

Before closing, you should always conduct a final walkthrough of the property, which allows you to check if the seller completed all repairs to your satisfaction. If you notice any issues, make a note of them and discuss them with your real estate agent immediately. Bring a copy of the inspection report and the repair agreement to ensure you cover all agreed-upon items.

Document all repair problems

Take detailed notes and photos of any poorly done repairs. This documentation can be helpful when discussing the issues with your realtor. It will also help you prepare for legal proceedings if necessary. Having clear evidence of the problems can strengthen your case.

Communicate with the seller

Contact the seller to address inadequate repairs. Sometimes, sellers may not be aware of the quality of the work done by contractors. Be clear and specific about what contractors need to fix. Make sure to provide your documentation as evidence.

Leverage your real estate agent’s expertise

Your real estate agent can be a valuable ally in this situation. They can effectively communicate with the seller’s agent to resolve the issues. They can also recommend professionals to make sure that repairs are satisfactory. 

Agents typically have a network of trusted professionals, including contractors and inspectors who can provide assessments and perform any necessary rework. Your agent’s experience and industry expertise can help facilitate a fair and timely resolution.

Request an escrow holdback

An escrow holdback is a way to ensure that sellers will complete agreed-upon repairs. With this arrangement, a lender holds a portion of the seller’s proceeds in escrow. The sellers are able to receive this money when they complete repairs satisfactorily.

Protect your investment

Buying a home is a major milestone. Ensuring the seller completes all repairs properly is crucial to protecting your investment. If the seller refuses to address the repairs, you might need to consider legal action. A real estate attorney can help you understand your legal options and the best course of action.

Understanding your rights and options can help you reach a favorable resolution. If problems occur, it’s crucial to know what steps to take to ensure the home is in the promised condition. This way, you can confidently move forward with your purchase and enjoy your new home.

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