Spotting the signs of incorrect window installation

Windows enhance the look of a home, bring in natural light and allow for invigorating breezes. However, when a builder fails to do the job properly, it may be a precursor to other problems.

Catching window troubles as soon as possible, even before a project is complete, can save time and money.

Gaps and uneven frames

One of the simplest methods of identifying incorrect window installation is looking for gaps or irregularities around the edges. Such flaws are notorious for allowing the elements in. When searching for these imperfections, remember to examine frames from both sides.

Trouble opening and closing

Windows should glide effortlessly. If one sticks, does not stay open or requires too much force to operate, it likely indicates a poor build job. Misalignment may strain the locking mechanisms, which is bound to cause them to break with usage.

Water leaks

Incorrect window installation lets rain seep inside, leading to interior destruction. The cost of restoring water damage is nothing to scoff at. Indications of leaks include staining and peeling paint. Excessive condensation between double-glazed panes also suggests rainwater is getting in.

Persistent drafts

Beware of indoor breezes near shut windows. Besides being chilly, window drafts negatively impact energy efficiency, causing heating costs to skyrocket. To detect drafts, use the candle method. Hold a lit flame close to the window’s borders on a breezy day. If it flickers or the smoke drifts horizontally, air is coming through.

Building owners should contact a professional to recommend an appropriate course of action the moment they notice indications of faulty window installation. Addressing concerns early on is bound to discourage sloppiness on the part of construction workers that would cause further headaches.

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