What different types of constructions defects are there?

Construction defects can be a serious financial concern and may cause other problems as well, which is why it is helpful to understand what the term refers to and what the available remedies for construction defects are. Construction defects refer to deficiencies related to: design; planning; supervision; inspection; construction; or management of construction of a building. When the structure is not constructed in a reasonably workmanlike manner, or fails to perform in a manner reasonably expected by the buyer, a claim for construction defects may exist.

Construction defects can be costly and can include problems such as: the structural integrity of the building; expansive soil problems; water intrusion which can result in mold; thermal and moisture protection issues; mechanical and electrical concerns; problems with the doors, windows or glass; or issues and concerns with finishes, among other possible concerns. In general, the courts recognize four categories of construction defects, including: design defects; material defects; construction defects; and subsurface defects.

One type of defect can lead to a variety of concerns, problems and costs for the building owner. For example, a roof that has been improperly designed can lead to water penetration and intrusion, as well as poor drainage and inadequate structural support. A construction defect related to a roof can lead to a host of problems and costs for the building owner.

Fortunately, legal options are available to help property owners who are struggling with the negative impacts of a construction defect seek damages to help compensate them for the costs associated with the defect. Construction defects law can be complicated, so it is helpful for building owners struggling with a construction defect on their property to be familiar with their legal rights and remedies, and have trained guidance throughout the process of bringing a claim for construction defects.

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