Legal guidance through construction disputes

Construction disputes can come up at different times during a construction project. As a result, it is important for parties to the construction project to know how to handle them. Legal resources and remedies are available to help those in the middle of a construction or contract dispute resolve their concerns.

A construction dispute can take time and money so it helps to be familiar with legal resources available to help the parties resolve any construction dispute they may have or that may come up. Depending on the circumstances, and the goals of the parties related to the outcome they are seeking, different legal resources may be the most appropriate to address the concerns of the parties. This can include negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation options.

A variety of different concerns may come up during a construction project including those related to the initial negotiation, drafting and execution of the contract; change orders; bonding and indemnity concerns; and when a contract is terminated. This can lead to change order disputes; breach of contract claims; contract disputes; construction defects claims; construction liens; construction bond and construction performance bonds claims; and problems arising from delays in the construction project.

Each of these concerns costs time and money and may slow the overall project down significantly. Different remedies may be available to help those harmed by a construction dispute. Construction law resources can help parties to a construction project navigate the challenges they face so that they can enjoy a successful construction project and end result.

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