Commercial real estate disputes involving business partners

Often, real estate disputes involve people who are not very close to each other. However, some of these disputes involve people who are very close, such as disagreements that arise between friends, family members and business partners. Our law office recognizes that these disputes are often especially tough to work through for a plethora of reasons and in this blog, we will take a closer look at relevant considerations when a dispute between business partners erupts over a commercial real estate transaction.

There are many different reasons why commercial real estate disputes surface. Sometimes, these disagreements are centered around the details of a contract or allegations that one party has failed to live up to their obligations. When these disagreements involve business partners, there is often much more at stake than the outcome of a real estate transaction and the way in which commercial property is impacted. In fact, the dispute can have repercussions that are felt throughout a company and lead to the loss of critical business relationships that help ensure the continued success and future growth of a company.

If possible, it is vital to work through these disputes in an amicable manner. Business partners should try their best to reach a level of understanding and work together to resolve the dispute. However, our law office realizes that this is not always feasible and that some of these disputes are very contentious. To read more about other topics on commercial real estate disputes, please visit the relevant section on our website and make sure that you carefully prepare.

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