What do you need to know before building on an empty lot?

In the construction industry, planning and permitting are important to the process. No matter if the company builds residential or commercial real estate, it is important that the company and the owners understand how to gain approval.

To build on any lot, a person must have approval. If you want to build on your lot or if you are with a construction company, there are two questions that you need to ask yourself before the build begins. Forbes explains what you need to know about construction on an empty lot.

Is your lot approved?

An accessor’s parcel map or tract map can tell you if you have an approved building sight. Locate your lot on the map and check the comments and other notes. Generally, there will be a note that says whether a building site has approval. If there are no notes, the likelihood is that you can build on that site.

Zoning laws govern where you can build.  Zoning and building codes will dictate the type of building that you construct and the details of the construction. For other structures, there may be placement restrictions. This includes trellises and pools.

Do you have a permit?

Construction contractors need to be licensed, bonded and insured. Once the city receives the final plans, then the contractor will apply for a permit. The costs of the permit depend on the project valuation. The city and county may make review comments and the building plans may go through modification until the construction company can obtain a permit. These are steps that you must go through before construction can begin on an empty lot.

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