Liability for construction defects

Liability for construction defects is an important concern for many homeowners facing the negative impact of construction defects on their property. Because construction defects can impact the value and useability of property, it is helpful for homeowners and other property owners suffering with construction defects to understand who may be liable for their damages.

Liability for construction defects

A variety of different parties may be liable for construction defects including general contractors, developers and builders of residential structures. Architects, engineers and designers may also be liable for construction defects. Liability can extend even if work was performed by subcontractors or if defective building materials were used.

What types of damages may be available for construction defects?

Damages that may be available in a construction defects claim can include damages for the costs of repair to repair the construction defects and also damages for the decline in value of the home because of the construction defects. It is important to note that damages can vary based on the situation and circumstances but generally damages for costs of repair and diminution in value may be available. Additional types of damages may also be available in some instances.

In most circumstances, insurance companies will be involved in compensating the homeowner for their damages. There are important timelines associated with a construction defects claim that homeowners impacted by construction defects should be aware of. Construction litigation for construction defects can help homeowners and property owners recover damages to help repair their home, building or structure and for the other losses they have suffered which is why they should be familiar with the legal remedies available to them.


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