Contract review is important for real estate developers

Nashville area developers have many different details to consider when writing a contract. They have to determine what the property will cost, what they will need to do to make a profit, what protections they have if something goes wrong, etc. These questions can be answered during a contract review. There are many advantages for a contract review for developers.


It is important for a developer to negotiate with the seller to create a contract that meets their needs. The price may need to be negotiated, who will pay the closing costs, and if existing fixtures are included in the sale. A detailed review of the purchase contract can help a buyer negotiate these points and others.

Protect from risk

By examining the contract ahead of time, it can allow a developer to protect themselves from liability in the future.

Negotiate how disputes are resolved

Despite everyone’s best intentions a dispute can rise up. A seller may not have disclosed everything about the property, they may have not met their responsibilities before closing, etc. A contract review may add an arbitration clause and negotiate a satisfactory method for resolving conflict.

A legal professional who is skilled in real estate contracts and construction law can help their client throughout the entire real estate purchase and subsequent development. An attorney understands how important contracts are and will take the time to review any contract and make sure it works for their client’s best interest. Having someone with experience in real estate contracts can be invaluable to a developer’s bottom line and potential profit.

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