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As readers of this blog know, we focus on real estate and construction issues and litigation. And, one such common construction litigation topic is defects. We discussed who is responsible for construction defects recently, but in this post, we will explain what a construction defect is at every level of construction.

Construction defects in general

In the construction defect conversation, there is an outsized weight given to poor workmanship. After all, it is always easiest to blame the general contractor or one of their subcontractors for defects. In reality, though, construction defects can occur at every stage of the construction process, including at the planning stage.

Moreover, construction defects could be compounding, meaning that there are construction defects at more than one stage. This is why it is so important to use a Sumner County construction litigation attorney that knows where to place blame and who to sue.

Types of defects

There are several types of Maury County construction defects. The most commonly recognized types of defects are design, material, workmanship (construction) and subsurface (site preparation) defects.

Defects at the design stage

Defects can occur at the very beginning at the design stage. Your Davidson County architect and Williamson County engineer could make mistakes in their plans, which can cause issues during and after construction. These errors could be structural or just affect the usefulness of the building. These defects may not be noticed for years though, like improper roof drainage, uneven cooling and heating, etc.

Defective materials

Another common defect is material defects. These can be much harder to spot when the materials are hidden, but more obvious when they are exposed. For example, if you notice shingles deteriorating within a year of construction, those shingles are likely defective. However, a defective plumbing joint or electrical fixture may not be noticed for years, especially if the defect just affects its useful life, not immediate functionality.

Workmanship and site preparation

The other two types of defects have workmanship and site preparation. These are talked about together as they often have some overlap. This is because poor workmanship in the construction process will likely carry over to the site pre- and post-preparations, like shoring up the foundation, drainage, etc. However, if there is one takeaway, it is that for construction litigation, you need a Nashville, Tennessee, construction litigation attorney. These cases are fact-specific and require a critical eye.

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